Members can purchase our products on club nights and events.
We provide discounted prices for club memorabilia and off-road equipment.
The following items are available to members only.

Polo Shirts
Window Stickers (disc)
External Web Address Stickers
Bow Shackles (Yellow)
½ “ D Shackles (Load Tested)
3/8” D Shackles (Load Tested)
¾ “ D Shackles (Load Tested)
7/8 “ D Shackles (Load Tested)
6mtr x 50mm duplex towing strop (yellow)
4.5mtr x 50mm towing strop (orange)
4.5mtr x 50mm towing strop with hooks (blue)
2mtr x 75mm bridle (yellow)
3mtr x 50mm bridle (green)
2mtr x 130mm tree strop (green)
8mtr x 24mm Nylon Recovery Rope
8mtr Nylon Kinetic recovery Rope
2mtr Nylon bridle kits for K.E.R.R